11 On-Trend Ideas For Wedding Invites You'll Love

11 On-Trend Ideas For Wedding Invites You’ll Love

July 12, 2019

Marriages between best friends are more than likely to be happy and successful

There’s nothing that shows your desire to have your friends and family with you during your special day like a stellar wedding invite.

Creating a ‘wow’ factor can set the right tone for your celebration. The best wedding invitations are those that stand out, and often, it is the littlest details that make all the difference.

If you are on the search for wedding stationery inspiration, be sure to check out the following on-trend ideas for wedding invites.

1. Moody Colours

If you are a social person, you must have received a number of wedding invitations. If anything was the same old white or ecru, it probably didn’t stand out. This is why you must opt for something more colourful.

Today, the moody and bold palette has evolved in wedding paper. Dark navy, deep plum, or even black are now taking centre stage.

You should also consider jewel tones for your paper if the wedding is going to take place in the winter months.

Nonetheless, you still have to pay homage to the traditionally bright wedding theme by adding a tone of brightness through bright ink colour or even a punch of metallic.

2. Envelope Liners

Another ongoing wedding invitation trend is playing around with envelope liners. You will be hard-pressed to come across a stationery designer who is not having fun with these liners today.

You have to remember that the inner layer is typically what your invitee typically first notices when they open your invite. As such, this makes liners the perfect place to incorporate fun design elements.

Here, you could put something such as a sketch of the skyline, your wedding date, or any other personal detail.

Finish the deal with a coloured envelope to further enhance the mail’s aesthetics.

3. Use Calligraphy

Understandably, it has been a while since your handwriting classes in primary school.

However, if you want to give your wedding invites a personal yet visually-appealing impact, you need to polish up on these skills – everyday scrawl will not cut it.

To up the ante, consider learning some calligraphy. There are many tutorials online that can help you with those efforts. Use these newly-learnt skills to pen your invites as well as addresses on the envelope.

4. Use Watercolour

Use of watercolours is one of the most subtle ways of adding pomp to your paper. Additionally, watercolour has a delicate, almost romantic vibe when styled in pastels, or a wild and bold feel when brushed with bright hues.

Look for something that will suit your overall wedding style. Add your watercolour design to various elements of your invite, such as the envelope liner or reply card. You can also use it on the backside of your invite.

5. Monograms

Try and not think about stereotypical monograms – the ones that have letter locking designs – and consider custom monograms.

Custom monograms are taking on an entirely different look, with elements that are both meaningful and representative of the bride and groom-to-be.

Monograms can not only be used on your wedding invitations, but also on about everything else such as personal stationery and cocktail napkins.

6. Graphic Geometric Details

Triangles, squares, facets, and any other shape that you can think of can all be fashioned into your wedding invite.

This is because geometric details have bold lines that not only exude a modern feel but also have an element of edginess as well.

For a gorgeous and eye-catching design, consider mixing those graphics with bright colours. This trend is a good fit for couples who love patterns or for those having a nontraditional celebration in a gallery or loft.

7. Maps

You can even use your wedding invite to orient your invitees with a hand-drawn map of your destination spot or hometown. This means that your wedding invite will take the shape of that map.

Ensure to include personal details in the map, such as the reception locales as well as your ceremony’s icons. If you are playful, you can up this trend by designing an old-fashioned treasure map.

8. Gold Foil

You will be hard-pressed to find something that can go toe-to-toe with this glitzy trend. Everybody loves gold foil. Thus, this makes it ideal for writing your invitation text or other details in your invite.

Be willing to experiment with gold foil to see how best to use it in your invitation.

9. Creative Edging

This trend involves using a stump cutter or special punch to make fancy edges on your invites. Be creative and make patterns around those edges. It will add an element of edginess to your wedding invites.

10. Alternative Botanicals

Instead of the traditional calla lilies that are typically used in wedding cards, consider using tropical plants to achieve the same effect in your wedding stationery.

In addition to being contemporary, this design can complement décor and floral arrangements that have recently taken on a ‘tropical wedding’ theme.

11. Tie With Twine and Tags

This wedding invite trend is excellent if you are a fan of the rustic wedding look. By adding some twine as well as a custom craft paper tag, your invitation will have just the right personalised touch it needs.

Tying with twine also ensures that all the contents inside the envelope stay put.

Work on Your Ideas for Wedding Invites with a Professional

Your wedding invite is the sneak-peek for your guests into your upcoming wedding. As such, it helps set the theme for your celebration.

It is important that you look into various ideas for wedding invites to help you create invitations that are appealing as well as personable.

As wedding preparation involves a lot of hassle, it is wise to consult a professional when working on your ideas. Their skill and experience will ensure that your thoughts come to fruition.

Bride Guide is here to help couples in South Africa to experience the wedding of their dreams, Contact us today, and we will be glad to help put you in touch with a professional who can bring all of your visions to life!

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