11 Tips for Choosing the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams
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I Found the Gown! 11 Tips for Choosing the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams

March 1, 2020

Selecting a perfect wedding dress is one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning. Wedding dresses are not only expensive, but they set the tone for the whole wedding. As the bride, you will be the central focus of the wedding and your wedding pictures will be displayed in your home as well as relatives’ homes. 

Undoubtedly, your wedding dress needs to be perfect, and many happy brides have felt that their wedding dress chose them, not the other way around. Read on for 12 easy tips for wedding dress shopping which will help you say “I found the gown”.

1. Figure Out What You Like

There are dozens of wedding dress styles available and finding the right gown for you requires that you know what you like. A great tip is to set up a wedding dress board on Pinterest and add to it images of any dress that appeals to you.

You can then go through your board and see whether there is a particular style, colour or material that you like. This way, when you start actual dress shopping you have an idea of what you want.

2. Find the Most Flattering Style for Your Body Type

It is amazing how great a flattering dress can make you look. You may like a particular style of dress, but it may look very unflattering on your body. For example, ball gowns look great on tall brides but may overwhelm a short bride. 

Do some research on the best dresses for your body type and experiment with these when you go dress shopping.  Remember though, that style rules can always be broken, and if you have fallen in love with a dress and how you look and feel in it, then that is the right dress for you.

3. Be Open to Trying Lots of Styles

Many brides have said that the dress they chose for their wedding was nothing like what they envisioned when they went dress shopping. Your shop assistant has seen lots of women buying wedding dresses, so they get a feeling of what works and what doesn’t.

Be open to trying on unique colours, styles and any wedding dresses that they may suggest. Additionally, if you are looking through wedding dresses and a particular one calls out to you, make sure you try it on. One of these dresses may end up being your dream wedding gown.

4. Buy the Right Dress Size

We are always overly optimistic about our ability to reach our weight goals. Do not make the mistake of shopping for a dress size smaller than your current size in the hopes that you will lose weight. If you don’t lose the weight in time you will be forced to buy a new dress. 

Shop using your current size and if you do lose weight before the wedding your tailor will be able to adjust its size. Also, be cautious about bridal sizes, especially when online shopping. At most bridal shops your size will be one to two sizes higher than at regular clothes shops.

5. Shop Early for Your Dress

Wedding planning gets more stressful the closer the wedding gets. If you really want to say “I found the gown” then get your dress selection done as soon as possible so that you can reduce the amount of stress you will feel, as the wedding approaches.

Also, note that most wedding dresses take 4 to 6 months to be made and once you get the dress you may need a few more weeks for alterations.

6. Know Your Budget

Everything during your wedding should have an allotted budget. You must know how much you can spend on a dress before you go shopping. If someone else is buying the dress for you, ask them what the budget is so that you can shop within that range.

Remember to include the cost of the wedding veil, jewellery, shoes and any other accessories you require.

7. Shop According To Your Theme

Knowing your wedding theme will determine the style of wedding dress you should buy. A formal ball gown with lots of tulles may not fit in with a relaxed beach wedding in a tropical location. On the other hand, a short and casual dress may not be a great fit for a formal wedding event.

8. Shop On A Weekday

Weekends are typically very busy for bridal shops, meaning that most assistants are harried and won’t give you the time and attention you may need. To have the best chance at getting the right gown it is better to shop on a weekday when most shops are quiet. Also, dedicate a whole day to dress shopping as you may need to visit several shops and try on numerous dresses before you find the right one.  

9. Choose the Right People to Shop With

Your wedding dress should be selected based on how you feel in it. While you may take input from friends, family and shop assistants, at the end of the day the decision is yours.

Choose shopping partners that will give you confidence in your own decisions rather than making you doubt yourself. It is also easier to reach consensus and to shop with fewer people whose opinions you trust than with a large entourage. Find people that will stick by you until you say “I found the gown”.

10. Wear the Right Underwear While Shopping

When you go wedding dress shopping put on a strapless bra and body shaping panties like Spanx in nude colours. These will have you in the best shape to try on wedding dresses. If you do decide to buy a strapless gown, you will know exactly what it will look like on your wedding day if you have on the right underwear.

11. Move and Walk Around With the Dresses You Try-On

A dress may look good while you are standing up but may show too much cleavage if you bend over or the straps may fall in a sitting position. You should also take photos and videos from all angles so that you can ensure the dress is flattering all around.

Are You Ready to Say “I Found the Gown”?

Your wedding dress is one of the most critical aspects of your wedding. You must be 100% sure that you have chosen the right dress before you purchase it. If you aren’t saying “I found the gown” in your heart, it is best to continue the search until you can find a dress that you are sure about.  

For more assistance with finding the gown of your dreams, check out our wedding directory today.