Bright and Bold Weddings: 8 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Wedding Themes and Colours

October 27, 2019

The dress. The music. The best man’s speech.

Certain things from your wedding day are sure to stand out in your memory. Why not make the decór and colours one of them?

From the seasons and floral arrangements to your favourite colour, countless things can inspire your creative vision for the big day.

Need some help and inspiration? Look no further!

Here we share seven tips to help you choose gorgeous wedding themes and colours that will have all your guests talking for years to come!

1. Magenta and Yellow

If you enjoy bright colours that make a statement, magenta and yellow will breathe life and vibrancy into your wedding day. 

The first (and most obvious) place to include these show-stopping colours is in your floral arrangement.

Gerber daisies are large flowers that make a big statement. Place a few of these brightly coloured flowers in Mason jars to create an outdoorsy feel. Tulips are another great choice to accent your colour scheme.

Take the party outside for an alfresco wedding. Wooden tables, strung lights, and a dance floor under the stars are perfect for a hot summer night showcasing this warm colour scheme.

2. Emerald and Gold

No, we aren’t talking about a Wizard Of Oz themed wedding (unless that’s your thing!). When paired properly with a touch of neutral cream, this colour combo screams elegance and beauty.

The trick here is to let your venue inspire the right theme.

Do you dream of a lavish wedding in a grand ballroom? Try draping ivy or garland around the space. White cascading bouquets for the bridal party are both dramatic and elegant. 

Are you a bride who loves contrast? Use these romantic colours in a more industrial setting like a warehouse or outdoor barn. Exposed brick walls and metal beams make for dramatic and memorable photos.

Glam things up using gold or sequin table runners and strung lights. 

3. Navy Blue and… Anything!

Navy blue might be one of the most underappreciated wedding colours out there. But this deep, rich colour is growing in popularity – and for good reason.

The strong tones of navy blue make cheerful and bright colours like pink and coral pop! Use dark blue invitations with a bright font colour that guests can’t help but notice.

Dress your bridesmaids in navy with an accent bow in a contrasting colour. Men look amazing in navy. Add a colourful boutonniere and the subtle pop of colour won’t go unnoticed. 

Looking for a more classic colour combination? Navy and white, grey, or silver offer the same contrast but done in a more traditional way. 

4. Black and White

Black and white is the epitome of elegance and class.

Nothing says ‘wedding’ like these two colours paired together. After all, it’s the traditional colour scheme of the groom’s tuxedo – and the basis for the term “black tie” event.

If you’re looking to host a more formal affair, using this colour combo will help get your message across.

Dress the groomsmen in traditional black and white tuxedos. Your bridesmaids will look breathtaking in white satin or silk dresses with subtle black accents.

If you don’t want anyone but the bride in white have your girls wear black with white accents instead. 

Another bonus to this colour combo is that you can decorate using almost any other accent colour from pink or red to greens and yellows. Use black and white as your base and expand from there.

5. Tangerine, Peach, and Orange

On the other side of the spectrum from the dark, romantic feel that navy blue and black offer is the warm and cheerful pallet of orange. 

While tangerine, peach, and orange may sound like the makings of a fruit basket, it’s actually the perfect colour combination for a warm, summer wedding.

Similar to the combo of magenta and yellow, turn to your flowers when showcasing these bright, vibrant colours. From centrepieces to bouquets, have fun mixing and matching different shades of orange. Tie them all together using plenty of lush greenery.

If you plan to make orange the centre of your wedding theme, use base colours like cream or white. This will prevent guests from being overwhelmed with colour. 

6. Beige and Yellow (With a Splash of Cinnamon)

This wedding theme is for those who want to express their creativity without straying too far from tradition.

Beige is a great, neutral colour that compliments almost any wedding theme. Yellow is warm, bright, and soothing. Adding a splash of cinnamon helps tie these two colours together and add some depth. 

This colour combination is ideal for an autumn or Spanish-themed wedding. Gold accents bring an air of elegance to your celebration.

If you really want to add a warm, fall feel to the party try burning cinnamon-scented candles or adding cinnamon sticks to your centrepieces.

7. Peach and Sage

Rustic-themed weddings are all the rage lately.

From ceremonies and receptions in open-air barns to wooden tables and Mason jars at the reception, people love the contrast of elegance and nature. 

Peach and sage bring an earthy-feel to your wedding celebration. Think rustic plus shabby chic!

If you choose a barn for your wedding venue, the atmosphere alone will create a rustic, earthy feel. Have some fun with a bonfire where guests can chat and roast marshmallows.

As with any wedding, you’ll want to add some elegant accents like dramatic lighting or oversized centrepieces. Burgandy and yellow make for great accent colours for your bouquet or bridesmaid dresses. 

8. Red and Aqua

Really looking to step out of the box? Or perhaps you’re planning a retro-themed wedding. Either way, red and aqua scream 50s fun.

Red and white pinstriped vests and bowties for the guys alongside white and aqua polka-dot dresses for the gals. This colour scheme is fun and lighthearted and best for more laid-back brides

If there was ever a reason to wear a vintage wedding dress and hairstyle, this is it! Ask your make-up artist to include bright red lipstick to complete your look.

Some fun additions to your reception include a candy bar for dessert and a photo booth stocked with playful props. If there’s one thing you can guarantee it’s that this bright and playful wedding theme will give guests something to talk about! 

Have Fun with Your Wedding Themes and Colours

There’s no arguing that a wedding is one of the most important days in any young woman’s life. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to plan!

These wedding themes and colours offer just a few ideas for you to play around with. Whether you want a classic, elegant wedding or something more modern and adventurous, we’ve got you covered!

Head over to our wedding directory or contact us today and let’s start planning the biggest day of your life!

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