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Gifts The Bridal Couple Gives At Their Wedding

November 28, 2018

Who Do the Bride and Groom Buy Presents for?

1. For Each OtherOne of the most common traditions is the sharing of gifts between the bride and groom. Whilst not all couples choose to adhere to this tradition, and there is no sure reason as to why every couple should buy gifts for each other on their wedding day, it can still be a sweet sentiment, and a nice way to further express your love for one another.

2. ParentsGive your parents a gift to show your appreciation to the people that gave you life and raised you up through childhood, as well as show your continued love and commitment to them as you embark upon the creation of your own family.

3. Maid of Honor/Bridesmaids

The maid of honor and bridesmaids play a vital role in the wedding, providing the bride with all the assistance she needs on her big day, including helping with wedding planning, moral and emotional support, planning the bachelorette party, etc. For this reason, offering them a gift is a nice way to show your appreciation. So, when answering the question “Who do the bride and groom buy presents for?” you should always include these special and sweet girls.


4. Best Man/Groomsmen/Ushers

Much like the bridesmaid and maid of honor for the bride, the best man and groomsmen/ ushers help the groom in various ways, such as helping with the tuxedo/ wedding suite, organizing the bachelor party, ensuring that the wedding is faultless and meets to their expectation, escorting guests to their seats at the ceremony, etc. For this reason, you should prepare a gift for these people to show your appreciation for their efforts.


5. Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Flower girls and ring bearers are a lovely touch to your wedding, and are usually carried out by children close to your heart, such as your own kids, or nephews/nieces. Whilst they do not play a massive part in planning the wedding, they often spend much time practicing their part for your big day. It is customary to show your appreciation with a small, cute gift.


6. Anyone Special

There may be many people who have played a special part in your wedding. You may have had your favorite uncle walk you down the aisle, or your aunt may have given you some amazing advice that quelled your pre-wedding jitters and nerves, or one of your friends may have agreed to sing or perform at your ceremony. It is a sweet return to offer a token of your appreciation to anyone who has played a special part in your wedding.


7. Others

When considering an answer to the question “Who do the bride and groom buy presents for?” one should remember how hard everyone works to ensure that one’s wedding ceremony goes as planned, and that the day is a special as you dreamt it would be. Besides all concerned above, anyone who contributed to your wedding should be appreciated. These including:

  • Venue providers
  • Wedding Coordinator
  • Caterer
  • Transportation
  • DJ/
  • Band
  • /Entertainment
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Anyone else that helped/played a part

You can give them generous tips and if you can review of their business/services online, that would be better.


How to Choose The Right Gifts to Give

Now that you know who you’ll need to give gifts to, the next question on your mind is probably “what though?”  Just know that the gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant (unless you want to, of course!) – just make it memorable and your gesture of thanks will be so appreciated.

Here are some gift examples that may give you some ideas:

  • Write a meaningful poem which expresses your feelings and appreciations for the individual
  • Make a handmade gift for them, such as a picture frame or card
  • Create a gift basket
  • Write them a personalized letter of appreciation.
  • If they are the outdoorsy type, go camping with them: drive yourselves with ample food
  • Other gift ideas include spa items (soaps, bath oils, moisturizers, etc.), small vases, clocks, hampers, jewelry, engraved bowl or key chains